Santan Filling Machine Malaysia

Brand : Meta

Our Machine able to pack liquid product such as santan, chili sauce, paste, sambal, cream, cosmetic and etc. 

S/S Santan Packing Machine
- Back Sealing (Piston Filling)
- Filling range: 100ml-1000ml/bag
- 10-30 bags /min (depend volume)
- bag size : 7'' (Width) x 10'' (Length)
- include Date code print
- Packing film width: 80mm - 180mm
- Packing film length: 170mm - 350mm
- Air power: 0.65 Mpa
- Control Panel Box (240V AC single phase)
- Touch Screen And PLC control
- Emergency Stop 

Santan Filling Machine

Santan Filling Machine Malaysia