200L Drum Filling Machine Malaysia

200L Drum Filling Machine is filling machine to fill oil, lubricant oil to drum. 

Brand : Meta

Material : Stainless Steel 304
Filling Volume : 30-200 Liters (preset recipe)
Filling Speed : 2-10 buckets/hour (customized)
Filling Precision : -+30g
Air Pressure : 4-6bar
Power : 12KW
Voltage : 240v AC
Length : 2500mm (optional)
Width : 700mm
Height : 1600 mm
Weight : 70-80KG (approx) 
Place of Origin : Malaysia (local) 
Capping Station : Optional

Can fill and weigh all of the buckets in one filling machine, with quick speed and high accuracy. Double-stopper design to avoid bubble formation.

Drum Filling Machine

200L Drum Filling Machine Malaysia